Enormous election loss

We need not to lose track that margins of victory were razor thin in the presidential race (20,000 votes in Wisconsin, 70,000 votes in Pennsylvania) and that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote nationwide. That means that more than half those who voted nationally believe what we believe.

Third party candidates got 10 times the winner’s margin in Wisconsin and three times the margin in Pennsylvania. All that in an election manipulated by WikiLeaks and Russia to get the more destabilized USA they wanted. And the FBI director’s effect? And amid the right wing’s active voter suppression efforts in states nationwide.

The margins are large only compared to how we wanted the country to reject Donald Trump. We lost and a loss is enormous, but the rejection is only large compared to what we wanted to think we knew about our politics. Let’s be careful that we don’t message and overblow the thought that we and liberal values are being rejected by large margins of citizens. Not true.

Do join me in wearing black ribbon armbands to show our solidarity and embarrassment, particularly to the undocumented. Time to go to Cliff’s.

Charlie Spiegel, Esq.
Former Co-Chair National Board of Directors
Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund
San Francisco

From the Letters to the Editor at The Bay Area Reporter