Marital Planning Post Perry, Windsor

from Marital Planning Post Perry, Windsor  blog post by Charles Spiegel at The Bay Area Reporter

The Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision in Hollingsworth v. Perry means that same-gender couples in California can choose to marry, or not. The knowledge that marriage equality for same-gender couples in California is here to stay means that we finally have time to decide whether to marry, without losing a perhaps fleeting “chance.”

The companion United States v. Windsor decision provides very tangible federal benefits to same-gender married couples (but importantly not domestic partners), and as such, powerful new incentive to get married. It means that we now know for the first time that our marriages are and will be fully enforceable in California and for all federal purposes. The U.S. Supreme Court settled all that two weeks ago.

We as a community and as individuals feel rightfully proud of what we achieved in making our case that the gender of the two people in adult committed couples is irrelevant for access to the rights and responsibilities accorded married couples. Stopping governmental discrimination against, and providing equal rights and responsibilities to, same-gender couples in our lifetimes is a crucial ongoing fight we all won, when we each come out and when we help fund the fight…

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