Prenup is not a Dirty Word: Marrying and Registering with Heart and Smarts

I will be presenting at this workshop :

Marriage. It’s in the air. And in the courts. And all over the press. Marriage is a civil right, marriage is romantic …. and marriage is a contract with your partner. Unless you specify otherwise, the terms of the contract are pre-written by the state. This contract is the only contract most people enter into without reading or knowing the terms. In fact – where can one even find those terms? If you are considering marrying and/or domestic partnering, we encourage you to think about what you want your marriage or registered partnership to look like. Do the rights and obligations set by the state fit your relationship – or do you want to customize them?

25 Jul 2013, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

LGBT Center, 1800 Market Street, SF, CA 94102

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