When marrying people the question is NOT what most people ask: ‘Do I need a prenuptial agreement?’

The correct question is:

‘Everyone should get premarital planning to understand what happens under law to married couples. Then they can decide: would we benefit from a prenuptial agreement varying the standard marriage terms?’

Marriage is usually one of the two most important legal decisions people make over their entire life; and almost always without consulting a lawyer or learning the law. Prenuptial planning also assists trust and estate planning, not just divorce. And it is the only license the state of Cal. gives without a study booklet, required course, and test!

If California licensed drivers this way, half would also lose their right to drive!


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    Charlie Spiegel's San Francisco practice includes prenuptial planning, divorce and custody mediation, adoption, surrogacy and real estate matters. Charlie served as Co-Chair of the National Board of Lambda Legal, and was a founding Executive Director of Our Family, the bay area's LGBT family organization. He served on the Board of Directors for and Collaborative Practice California; and and now serves on the Board of

    Charlie has had 20 years of wide experience in real estate since graduating New York University School of Law with honors, He received a Fammy award from San Francisco's Jewish Family & Children's Services in 2009 for his advocacy for families. He has lived and raised his family in the SF Bay Area since just before the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989.